The four-step assemblage of the hydro-massage bathtub
1. Bathtub model 2. System 3. Accessories 4. Order
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Servicing price-list LOREMA Wellness s.r.o.

Service Price
Warranty servicing free
Technicians' departure (under 1 hour of work) 800,- CZK
1 hour of technicians' work (after the 1st hour) 600,- CZK
Competent installation of the massage bathtub (connecting up to the electrical wiring and water and drain tubes, setting and demonstration of the massage system)* 3400,- CZK
Drilling of the 1st hole into the bathtub shell (for mixers etc.) 850,- CZK
Drilling of the 2nd and every next hole into the bathtub shell (for mixers etc.) 200,- CZK per 1 hole
Vain technicians' departure (impossible installation, unprepared construction or electrical setting)** 16 CZK/km + 4000 CZK/1 technician
Plumber material according to usage
Material - components for hydro-massage bathtubs according to the catalogue
Material - components for massage pools at request
Travelling expenses
1 km tariff (paid for both ways, back and forth!) 10 CZK per km

Prices stated ex VAT.

  • Unloading and transfer of the goods at the place of installation is secured by the client at his own expenses.
  • The client is obliged to ensure the technician open access to all massage bathtub appliances which are to be installed including water and air distribution tubes, especially in the case of walled bathtub.
  • The technician is obliged to execute servicing in the company clothes of LOREMA Wellness s.r.o.
  • The complaint record must contain number of hours worked by the technician, which is validated by the clients signature.

* The customer is to ensure water and electrical setting (hot and cold water inlet hoses, drain tubes according to bathtub producer's specification, power supply output in the installation area under the bathtub according to hydro-massage bathtub producer specifications)

** If the installation is impossible due to unprepared construction setting or if the installation area is not accessible on mutually agreed date and time, the client is obliged to pay for the travelling expenses of the technicians (16 CZK per 1 km)

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